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ODS was founded in May, 1979. The main service provided by ODS is the tracking and scheduling of crude oil through many pipeline systems. In addition, we assist pipeline companies by providing origin and destination information for their monthly scheduling operations. If you have any questions regarding crude oil scheduling, please contact one of our scheduling coordinators by calling 800-326-6098 or e-mailing Scheduler@odslp.com. The main office currently provides services at the following locations:

St. James Terminal, St. James, LA Domestic Crude Grades of Sweet and Sour
Liberty Station, Liberty, MS Domestic Crude Grades
Clovelly Storage Facility, Clovelly, LA Domestic Crude Grade of Mars Blend
Houma Station, Houma, LA Domestic Crude Grade of Poseidon
Gibson Station, Gibson, LA Domestic Crude Grades of Sweet and Sour
Various offshore Louisiana locations:
Ship Shoal Block 28 - Domestic Crude Grades of Sweet and Sour
Main Pass 69 - Domestic Sweet Crude
Smi205 - Auger Receipt

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